Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kui's world: Failing Fathers

Kui's world: Failing Fathers: As a child being taught at school about the family Unit, I recall being told that the family starts with a Father and Mother, and children f...

Failing Fathers

As a child being taught at school about the family Unit, I recall being told that the family starts with a Father and Mother, and children follow , not much was regarded on the defination of a single parent, now as a 24 year old, raised partially in a Nuclear family Unit to a single parent family unit, I can actually try to understand some dynamic of why families break and if so why are the children affected that much especially the Boy child. The concern of Fathers failing their boy children is astonishingly high, with single mothers at a high number, it is a sad realisation to see Boys turn into Men without the proper guidlines of what is expected from them. From time to time , as kids growing up, you learn what is generally required from you, because you have a mother and a father there to guide you. This sadly not the case, raising a man is hard work, very hard work , single mother get to desperate measures and opt to 'baby' their son well into their 40's, disturbing as it may seem , its true in every sense of the word.Children from families with no father figure are more likely to abandon school, do drugs, engage in illicit sex and fall pregnant. They are also more susceptible to homosexuality and other negative vices.Men have failed their women and children by failing to lead the family unit as protectors, providers, spiritual advisers and role models. As a result, women have been forced to play a double role because most men play no role in the upbringing of their children. Fathers opt not engage themselves in the development stage of their son and thus leading to a disoriented boy who is left with the option of turning into a 'safe haven' of follow boys like him who indulge into bad behaivour and before you know it the once innocent boy with a bright future is a statics and ends up in jail or worse ill or worse dead. It is time Men styled up and take up your responsibility, you were put on this earth by God to do your duty as

Kui's world: FGM ,still with us

Kui's world: FGM ,still with us: Its been a while since I blogged, well a lot has happened, and as i continue to grow older the more i see myself walk in the footsteps of my...

FGM ,still with us

Its been a while since I blogged, well a lot has happened, and as i continue to grow older the more i see myself walk in the footsteps of my ancestors. Regardless of which path one takes the obvious seem to play out. You are what your forefathers are, and in true African sense , still in this day and age we are crippled by the Norms and rules that culture has be stoned on us. Do not get me wrong, I am proud of my African Heritage but some aspects are to outdated in this day and age where by Globalization has brought so much to offer, In my opinion African communities refuses to put away some harsh practices that not only kill but destroy lives. FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is FGM is typically carried out on girls from a few days old to puberty.FGM focuses on human rights violations, lack of informed consent, and health risks, which include fatal hemorrhaging, epidermoid cysts, recurrent urinary and vaginal infections, chronic pain, and obstetrical complications.FGM is typically carried out by traditional practitioners, without anaesthesia, using unsterile cutting devices such as knives, razors, scissors, cut glass, sharpened rocks, and fingernails, and applying suturing material such as agave or acacia thorns. How harsh! It is time to actually stop. Immediate complications are increased when FGM is performed in traditional ways, and without access to medical resources: the procedure is extremely painful and a bleeding complication can be fatal. Other immediate complications include acute urinary retention, urinary infection, wound infection, septicemia, tetanus, and in case of unsterile and reused instruments, hepatitis and HIV,while the formation of scars and keloids can lead to strictures, obstruction or fistula formation of the urinary and genital tracts. Urinary tract sequalae include damage to urethra and bladder with infections and incontinence. Genital tract sequelae include vaginal and pelvic infections, dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, and infertility. Complete obstruction of the vagina results in hematocolpos and hematometra. Other complications include epidermoid cysts that may become infected, neuroma formation, typically involving nerves that supplied the clitoris, and pelvic pain, and also not forgetting complications during pregnancy. The future depends on the elimination of such practices and alot of awareness still because in 2012 there are still communities practising FGM. Instead of accepting that they are the future mothers who will raise our Great Nation, we instead traumatize them and make the 'less of a woman' as some say. The GOK has some what protected the Girl child in the Kenya Children Act of 2001,section 14 protection from harmful cultural rites,Article 44(3) of the Kenyan constitution provides a clear prohibition any cultural practices that are deemed harmful. It provides that a person shall not compel another person to perform, observe or undergo any cultural practice or rite. At Article 25(a) the constitution also puts emphasis on the importance of protection from torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment which make such rights absolute and therefore not subject to any limitations whatsoever. FIDA has also done a recomndeable job in sensitizing this issues. Its upon us to educate ourselves on the need to help where we can.It is important.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Heart Matters

Heart matters Quiet silence ,mind thoughts,the obvious, Tears on the pillow,broken dreams , stolen needs. Love taken away ,stripped apart ,it hurts. These are Heart matters I dont care, look away, dont come back, Stop I need you ! you have it .My heart. These are heart matters. I took it too far,you fueled it, blame game Guilty faces, no-one wants to say sorry, Pride filled,but it hurts. These are heart matters. Quiet silence , empty space ,arm stretched, Your not coming back, left alone,its cold Am sorry but it wont bring you back. Back with my heart. These are heart matters.

My Kenya

The Kenya I want Kenya undoubtbly has been the most beautiful country I know and without any reason I just love my country, beautiful ,warm people, unique cultures, exquiste landscape, delicious food, this list could go on and on. It will always be like this but It can be better,way better, I believe it can be better. Despite over the decades ,after independence Kenya’s political side/life has been the centerfold of this great nation, and without a doubt its interesting , Kenya’s politics is like a soap opera that gets juicer each time you switch on the news or read your local dailies and the soap opera is called ‘ELECTIONS’. Elections for me are my gate pass to the Kenya I want, My Kenya is a country that despite past events that lead to great pain and suffering ,the people can still hold their heads up and move on as one to rebuild the nation,My Kenya is a state,whose at the apex of its economy ,by creation of jobs for every qualifed individual with different skills, creating a firm industrial market to support the country, to venture different aspects of its people skills and talents by establishing performing arts schools and being involved in the art centres to breed world class actors,musicians, instumentists,fashion designers ,artist etc. My Kenya has is a nation whose goverment is not corrupt and their main purpose is to serve its people with quality and efficient service.My Kenya has GOOD HEALTH CARE facilities and policies to ensure its population is well taken care of, good housing covers and policies for all types of people,no ethnic bondaries because my Kenya ia a nation of ONE people who stand together. My Kenya in its self will be a paradise for me and my children and my childrens children, an African state like no other , Unique! My Kenya.... Its a long shot but its a shot, you vote counts to change what it is now to your Kenya. Be it December or March make your vote count and make the right move ,be a WISE VOTER, start now look past the promises of the politicians and judge by their past achievements and potential to actually being a catalyst for the reaction you need to discover OF YOUR KENYA, Our Kenya BE WISE.

Monday, 23 January 2012


New year,new start..mmmh most of us are like am done with Drama for 2011,a clean slate to start on,but are you really????
2011 for me was a learning experience for me,mistakes were done,accomplishments were made,all in all it was a learning experience, meet people who definetly changed my life and some just didn't. 2011 for me was a turning point, a new direction and new insights were made. I learned to love more and be positive, positive in all aspects even when there is no positive vibe, I find in myself to just be..sometimes its hard with all the struggles that 2011 had,sometime a smile is all i could pull through but still, i had a reason to smile.
2011 came with its challenges, but am blesed i went through them,victorous and very happy that now i could write here and tell you that its never that hard!..its never that hard to be a single parent, its never that hard to be a young man searching for a job that doesnt come your way, I believe in the positive,always optimistic...regardless the way things may seem..there's always a way out.
2011 I saw many of my girlfriends getting heartbroken and with this pain came alot of confusion that lead to bad choices, This is for the girls, LOVE YOURSELF, YOU ARE SPECIAL BEINGS,BEAUTIFUL donot have to depend on a man to make you feel special.YOU ARE SPECIAL.FEED from that voice inside you and rock your beauty with all the 'swag' you have,if he doesnt like you the way you are, hes probably not the right guy for you.
2011 i saw many guys getting blurred out of their dreams,young lads with so much syke and zeal for the world and instead of cultivating that, most of them endulge in consuming themselves in alcohol,sex,drugs...i UNDERSTAND at this day and age things are hard for the youth and especially the young men...the pressure to impress your friends,the girls, so as a need to be accepted by your peers?? this instead turned out to be a recipe for all things wrong,HIV/AIDS,road accidents etc...its not bad to have fun but responsible fun.Its sad to know that some guys are ending up with STI'S, STD'S....ETC..So guys all am trying to say is 2012 lets look out for each other, be Real with each other,be your brothers all the young men.this year is your time to take your rightful stand and be MEN ..real Men with charisma,good character,be the man God made you to be..
In 2012 lets be Real,positive and always Love...Love with all your Heart....
peace Kui:)